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We increase nurse educator competence, confidence, and commitment to staying in academia through coaching, mentoring, and professional development.

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Why CSNyange Consulting?

There is a consistently widening gap between supply and demand for nursing faculty. There are not enough nursing faculty and the new nursing faculty entering into academia are inadequately prepared for their role, resulting in them leaving the academy. With an anticipated retirement of 30% of nurse faculty who were active in 2015, by 2025, now, more than ever, there is a need to ensure that nurse faculty are not only recruited, but retained. 

We are CSNyange Consulting, and we can not wait to start working together to help prepare you for your role as an academic nurse educator. Your vision is important to us. We’re eager to map out the needs in your academic nurse educator journey, and provide the necessary tools to achieve a successful career in academia. Since 2020, clients have turned to us, a professional Consulting Firm, that’s ready to deliver tailored solutions on time.


About the Founder & CEO

My Experience

I'm Courtney Nyange, Founder and CEO of CSNyange Consulting. I'm a doctorally (DNP) prepared nurse educator. Helping others helped me realize my passion and my purpose. Serving as a preceptor to an MSN-Ed student and a DNP student and educating them on the many facets of nursing education was a real joy and privilege and made me realize not only how much I enjoyed educating those who were on the journey to becoming nursing faculty, but also how good I was at it!

Throughout my tenure in nursing academia, I've noticed the turnover in nursing faculty, due to a variety of reasons; however, what stands out the most is that nursing faculty are overwhelmed and don't know what is involved in assuming the role of academic nurse educator. That, coupled with being thrust into the classroom and not being adequately prepared to undertake this endeavor, leads to numerous faculties leaving the academy and returning to clinical practice.

At CSNyange Consulting, we believe that competent nursing faculty have the confidence to engage in teaching, scholarship, and service, which leads to a desire to and a commitment to staying in academia. Our goal is to facilitate development of this competence in new nursing faculty and clinicians who are transitioning into nursing academia. We accomplish this goal by providing coaching, mentoring, and professional development in the areas of teaching, scholarship, and service.

Give us a call today and see what we can do for you.

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